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Scripts and utilities

FictionBook Tools

FB Tools provide a few utilities to simplify handling FB2 documents on a desktop pc: These utilities are integrated with Explorer and add items to the context menu for .fb2 files and directories.

Download: FictionBook Tools v2.0 Setup.exe .

FB Tools require MSXML4, to function properly, also some programs are written in VB and may need mscomctl.ocx and msvbvm60.dll to run.

Windows Explorer in WinXP with FB Tools

Direct HTML to XML conversion

html2xml.pl - a simple perl script, requires HTML::Tree package. Supports only normal paragraphs with minimal formatting (bold/italic), can detect section headings.

Export from Microsoft Word to XML

ExportXML.dot. Features: To run the script you'll need MSXML3 parser that is included with IE6 or can be downloaded separately from Microsoft. To use the macro open some Word document, assign the ExportXML.dot template to it, apply styles to the text and select the "Export as FictionBook XML" command from File menu.
Author: Mike Matsnev, [email protected]