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Haali Reader - a book reader for Windows CE

Main features:

Download: Last version: 2.0b264

Installer for desktop windows: Haali Reader v2.0 Setup

Desktop installer for Pocket PC, PocketPC 2003, WM2003: Haali Reader CE v2.0 Setup

Executable files for use directly on a pda:

Pocket PC, PocketPC 2002 (CE3.0), WM2003 (CE4.2), WM2005 2.0b264 ARM, MIPS, SH3
Palm size PC (CE2.11) 2.0b227 MIPS, SH3
HPC Pro (CE2.11) 2.0b227 ARM, SH3
HPC 2000 (CE3.0) 2.0b227 ARM, MIPS
WinCE .NET 2.0b227 ARMV4, MIPS

Other goodies

Sources, An english-russian dictionary, mkdict - a tool for creating custom dictionaries, dictionary source should be a plain text file with one entry per line, entry title should be separated from the body with two spaces.

The dictionary format is different from 1.x versions, so to use a dictionary in new versions either download a new dictionary file or decode the old dictionary with mkdict tool and recreate it from source. The new file should be in a new format. You'll need an Win2k/XP system to convert existing dictionaries, mkdict won't work on Win98/ME systems.

Some (scarce) documentation, thanks to Chris Clark for providing a skeleton.

An article about FictionBook XML.

Author: Mike Matsnev, [email protected]