MatroskaSplitter installer.
Some common problems are listed in this FAQ.
Bug reports and feature requests
Please send feedback to our development mailing list at, or if you prefer web interface, at gmane.
VFR helper tool
This utility is now part of the splitter package.
As there are no tools to process/reencode VFR Matroska files, I've written a small utility to ease such processing.
mkv2vfr extracts all video frames from Matroska to a CFR AVI file and a timecode file. You can extract video to avi, process it with any apps and mux back to matroska using a timecode file if you didn't add/remove frames. If you changed the frames you'd need to edit the timecode file by hand.
This is the same tool that I've made long ago under the name of mp_rel.exe. If you use that you can upgrade to this new version as the underlying core matroska parser received quite a few bug fixes and improvements in the meantime.
Core parser library
This is the core library that is used in the splitter and utilities, it's written in plain C and is higly portable. The library source is available upon request. Please mail [email protected]. Please note, that this component is a low level library that can be used for integrating Matroska support into embedded devices, standalone players, or custom applications. It does not include any DirectShow related code. I do not distribute the complete splitter source.
List of supported codecs, their storage in matroska and DirectShow mediatypes documentation
Supported containers: Support for almost all Matroska elements is implemented in the core parser library. The DS splitter supports multitrack and multisegment linked and/or concatenated files.

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