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Haali Reader - a book reader for Windows CE

After I tried a few existing apps I still couldnt find anything that had all required features and was easy to use. The main problem was the lack of support for cyrillic encodings. So I decided to write my own bookreader.

Some (scarce) documentation, thanks to Chris Clark for providing a skeleton

Download: Last version: 171

Desktop installer for Pocket PC and Palm size PC: HaaliReaderSetup

Executable files for use directly on a pda:

Pocket PC (CE3.0) + + +
Palm size PC (CE2.11) na + +
HPC Pro (CE2.11) + + +
HPC 2000 (CE3.0) + + na
Casio BE300 na + na

Versions for 2.11 don't support some features present in pocketpc version.

Other goodies

Sources, An english-russian dictionary.

Main features:


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